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ORIGIN : Aceh, Sumatra

FARMER : Ketiara Cooperative

ALTITUDE : 1220 - 1524m

VARIETAL : Adsenia, Bourbon, Typica, Ateng

PROCESSING : Semi-washed

ROAST : Medium-Dark

TASTING NOTES Dark Chocolate, Black Pepper, Earthy, Caramelized

Sumatra, an island in western Indonesia known in ancient times as the "Island of Gold", is the sixth largest island in the world, but probably one of the least visited. The Dutch brought coffee from Yirgacheffe to Indonesia in the 17th century. We source this coffee from the fine folks at the Ketiara Cooperative, a women-lead cooperative. It was started in 2008 by Ibu Rahmah, the current chairwoman, who had operated and managed her family’s coffee business for 20 years-purchasing cherries, processing the green, and selling to local traders. This women-led cooperative is known for it's dedication to quality and passion for community.