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ORIGIN : Gakenke District, Rwanda
: Dukunde Kawa Musasa
: 1542 - 2000 m
: Bourbon
: Natural
: Light-Medium
: Honeycrisp Apple, Blackberry, Lavender, Chocolate, Blueberry

Dukunde Kawa translates directly to “Let’s love coffee” - an appropriate name for a primary coffee farmers’ cooperative started in 2000 by 300 small-scale farmers from 10 coffee growing micro-regions in former communes Musasa, North of Rwanda. The group works steadily to enhance farmers’ economic market power and produce coffee of first quality.

The cooperative has a rich history of investing in women's development as a means to alleviate poverty in the coffee community. It has established a women's association within the cooperative known as the “Rambagira Kawa Women Group” from which this coffee is produced by. This group cultivates and sells women's coffee, as well as engages in embroidery and weaving as a diversification activity during the offseason. Rambagira Kawa exports their coffee separately as coffee grown by women, thus generating additional income for their children's education and enhancing the livelihood of their coffee community. Additionally, Rambagira Kawa has founded a sewing association and executed a program aimed at producing and exporting traditional Rwandan hand-woven baskets.

The Dukunde Kawa Masasa Cooperative firmly believes that coffee encompasses more than just its delightful taste or the energy it provides - it is also about transforming lives. A commendable cooperative is one that fosters the prosperity of its communities, and The Dukunde Kawa Masasa Cooperative is just that.

We roast on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and to ensure the best tasting coffees, orders received after Monday may not be processed or shipped until the following week.