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ORIGIN : Marcala, Honduras

FARMER : Oscar Omar Alonzo

ALTITUDE : 1518 m



ROAST : Light-Medium

TASTING NOTES : Nectarine, Smooth, Lemon, Sugar Cane, and Milk Chocolate

Don Oscar started growing coffee on his farm, Cual Bicicleta, in 1997, right after he finished his military service. With an initial planting of 1500 trees and through meticulous attention to detail, the farm produced high yields of coffee. The low price levels of the coffee market in the early 2000’s however caused Don Oscar to look at other ideas in order to obtain better pricing premiums for his coffee. This is when he decided to convert to 100% organic production. Initially the change from nonorganic to organic production cost him almost 90% of his coffee yield. But after receiving technical support from the COMSA cooperative and increasing the organic fertilizers on his farm, Don Oscar was able to return to his previous production levels. In fact, since the switch to fully organic production, his harvest levels are higher than ever. Don Oscar produces one of the finest and most complex coffees not only in the region, but in all of Honduras.

This year, we're proud to offer three coffees from Oscar's farm with three different processing techniques. This is a great opportunity to see the difference in taste through different processing methods.

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