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ORIGIN : Jacaltenango, Guatemala

FARMER : Antonio Domingo Cota

ALTITUDE : 1800m

VARIETAL : Bourbon, Catuai, and Caturra


ROAST : Medium

TASTING NOTES : Caramel apple, grapefruit peel, baking spice, creamy

     Our owner, Bob Garver, had the pleasure of meeting Antonio Domingo Cota and visiting his 3 hectare farm in February 2017. Antonio, 65 years old,  has been a coffee farmer his whole life. Bob was extremely impressed by Antonio’s practices on the farm. Specifically, his spacing of his coffee shrubs to encourage good quality over high yield. He also has other types of plants in between his rows to prevent soil erosion. His farm has a wide variety of fruit trees (avocado, apricot, passion fruit, etc) that provide adequate shade for the coffee shrubs, homes to birds, and flowers for bees to pollinate. He has many bee hives as part of his farm as well. He’s a part of Asociacion Civil Guaya’b which currently has over 600 members. Formally established in 1998, Guaya’b began selling to the Fair-Trade market in 2000. The sales made by Guaya’b have brought stability to the cooperatives and have enabled members to meet their basic needs. With the Fair Trade price, they have increase their own earnings and reinvested a portion of their profits into the community. Some of these community projects include: medical insurance, low interest micro loans, and planting additional income crops. As a result the region’s economy is more stable and the rate of migration has decreased.
     In 2018, a team from Bard and Wicked Joe, visited the cooperative and led a multi-day workshop. This workshop covered everything from sample-roasting, cupping, and brewing coffee. For the first time, Antonio and many of his other farmer neighbors, were able to taste their own coffee. It was an amazing experience to say the least. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this region, and specifically these farmers.