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ORIGINGedeo Zone, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

FARMER : Idido Cooperative

ALTITUDE : 2050-2200 m

VARIETAL : Indigenous Heirloom


ROAST Light-Medium

TASTING NOTES : floral, clementine, black tea, macadamia nut



This coffee is sourced from family-owned farms organized around the Idido coffee mill located in the Gedeo Zone of Ethiopia. The Gedeo region is named after the Gedeo people who are indigenous to this area. The Idido mill is located in a beautiful valley in the town of Idido near the town of Yirgacheffe. Idido has a little over 1,000 members in total. The members of Idido have very small plots that host a diverse ecosystem of plants and shade. Most of these producers grow coffee as a cash crop as well as other fruits, vegetables and beans for subsistence. 

Yirgacheffe is one of the most famous coffee growing regions in the world. It is known for producing complex coffees with tea-like qualities, this coffee is just that. We are excited to share this delicious coffee with you and hope you enjoy!