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ORIGIN : Volcan Poas, Costa Rica

FARMER  Francisca and Oscar Chacon

ALTITUDE :  : 1300 - 1600 m




TASTING NOTES : Hibiscus, Plum, Wild Raspberry, Zippy


We began our  relationship with third generation coffee producers, Francisca and Oscar Chacon, several years ago while visiting Costa Rica in search of quality organic coffee. We were immediately impressed with the Chacons and their dedication to growing exceptional coffee. Pioneers in the organic coffee farming in Costa Rica, they were certified in 2001, and among the very few at the time that thought it was worth it. In 2006 they began their own micro-mill, Las Lajas, so that they could have better control over their processing and the sale of their coffee. The results have been stunning. The Chacons are innovative and forward thinking. They experiment with many different processing methods. They were one of the first to produce natural processed coffee in Costa Rica, which was born out of a lack of electricity and water after a huge earthquake in 2008. In the last few years, the Chacons have started experimenting with different varietals as well. The La Mirella SL-28 (a common varietal in Kenya) is the result of these efforts. In 2018, we won a Good Food Award for this coffee. We are honored to be able to share this rare coffee again this year. We hope you enjoy it!