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ORIGIN : El Cielito, Santa Barbara, Honduras

FARMER : Bertilio Reyes Portillo

ALTITUDE : 1600m



ROAST Light-Medium

TASTING NOTES : Stonefruit, Lemon, Butter, Raw Honey, Creamy

In 2011 we entered an exclusive partnership with Bertilio Reyes Portillo, the 2009 Honduras Cup of Excellence Champion. Since that time we have seen many changes within his farm. Together, we have been able to improve the facilities for both processing and drying, which in turn has led to a higher quality product. We have also experimented with planting varietals beyond his award-winning Pacas. A few years ago during one of our yearly visits, there was a parcel of land adjacent to his farm that was up for sale that he wanted to buy. We were able to help him purchase this land, renovate it, and begin to convert it to become a fully organic operation. Organic farming is very near and dear to our hearts, but comes with many risks. Finca Carmencita, named in honor of one of our owners, Carmen Garver, has proven to be worth it. It is wildly different from the Pacas that is grown down the hill. We find this coffee to be incredibly well balanced, with a hint of that citrus quality that we enjoy year after year from his main crop. 

It will still be a few years until it is able to be certified Organic, until then we look forward to seeing this coffee mature in both a physical sense and in taste. In the meantime, keep an eye out for his main Pacas crop as well as his nephew’s, Olvin Reyes. Bertilio raised Olvin as his own and is hoping to pass his legacy down to him. Olvin’s nearby farm is also in-process Organic and full of the Catuai varietal that he has been experimenting with. This family knows how to produce some seriously tasty coffees, we hope you enjoy!