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TASTING NOTES Cranberry, Chocolate, Orange, Rose Hip, Wine-like, Lime, Silky Body

ORIGIN : Tolima, Colombia

FARMER : Daniel Garcia Cano

ALTITUDE : 1780 m

VARIETAL : Castillo

PROCESSING : Anaerobic Natural

ROAST : Light-Medium Roast

This anaerobic lot comes to us from 2nd generation coffee farmer, Daniel Garcia Cano. Daniel got his start in coffee by working at his father’s 4 hectare coffee farm, Alto Corozal. Eventually, Daniel purchased Alto Corozal from his father in 2012. Since then, Daniel has been working hard to produce the best quality lots.

At Alto Corozal they pay close attention to the picking process. After the coffee is picked, it is then sorted again to ensure there is no green cherry. At 1780 meters above sea level in Tolima, they also have the prefect terroir to grow high-quality specialty coffee.

Daniel recently took a specialty coffee course on fermentation, which has enabled him to produce anaerobic lots like this one. To produce, they put the ripe cherry with no water in plastic bags for five days. Then they’ll drain the yeast water and spread on raised beds for one day. The final step is to dry for up to five days on silos.

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