Loring RoasterAt Bard, our mission is to always use 'best practices' when sourcing, roasting, and brewing coffee. When it comes to roasting, we utilize the best technology available to ensure best practices - The Loring Smart Roast. The Loring Smart Roast roasters allow us to develop coffee that remains true to its origin while practicing environmental efficiency.

The Flavour-Lock process of Lorings creates a closed-loop roasting environment where the gas burner simultaneously superheats the spent air to incinerate the smoke and odor before they leave the roaster while also heating the clean air to the perfect temperature for roasting great coffee. By multitasking the roaster’s burner we no longer need to operate an afterburner. One burner instead of two means we can reduce our energy consumption by up to 80% all the while reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

Having state-of-the-art machines is only part of what makes our roasting process great. More importantly are the people behind the machine. Our lead roaster, Bill Guddeck, is a licensed Q-Grader (professional cuppers accredited by the Coffee Quality Institute) who uses his skills to develop Bard's tasty coffees. Coffees are also profiled and assessed by owner Bob Garver who boasts over 25 years of roasting and specialty coffee experience. Bob is also a United States Barista Championship Head Judge and World Barista Championship Sensory Judge. We are proud to offer decades of experience behind every bean that is roasted at Bard. Cheers!

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