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ORIGIN : Nairobi, Kenya

FARM : Maywal Estate

ALTITUDE : 1950 m

VARIETAL : Batian, SL 28, Ruiru 11



TASTING NOTES : creamy, passion fruit, caramel, nectarine



The Maywal Estate, also known as the Maakiou Estate, is located in both Kiambu and Nairobi, spanning over approximately 340 acres. The estate is managed by CMS, an organization that provides technical assistance and agronomic expertise to many cooperatives in the area. CMS has helped Maywal Estate implement many progressive farming strategies that have resulted in better quality coffee. This includes a five-year conversion cycle where they stump the older trees and allow them to regrow from the existing roots. They have found that this helps the trees to be more disease resistant and have increased production outputs. The estate’s land is also used for commercial dairy farming. The dairy farming operation gives them access to a large supply of manure that is used to help fertilize the soil.

One of the estate’s initiatives that impressed us, was their reforestation project. They have begun to plant indigenous trees and plant species all around the fields of coffee. Their farm workers are also a top priority, which they have shown by providing permanent housing, a nursery school, vegetable plots, sports facilities, and subsidized provision of milk from their dairy farms. 

Kenyan coffees are known for complex flavors that come from a combination of terroir and specialized processing methods. The Kenyan method includes a long fermentation time of 72 hours, almost 3 times the normal amount. Following fermentation the coffee is then rinsed and soaked for an additional 24 hours. Afterwards, it is dried on raised platforms on screens that make it easy to dry evenly and sort through. This particular coffee has shown some beautiful tropical fruit qualities along with complex depth and texture.