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ORIGIN : Jacaltenango, Guatemala
FARMER : Feliciano Silvestre Rose
ALTITUDE : 1725 - 1750 m
VARIETAL : Cattura and Bourbon
ROAST : Medium
TASTING NOTES : Milk Chocolate, Orange, Floral, Honey, Lemon


We had the privilege of getting to once again meet with our long-time partner, Feliciano Silvestre Ros of Jacaltenango, Guatemala in February 2023. He operates a microlot Organic, Fair Trade, SMBC Bird-Friendly certified farm as a part of the co-op Asociación Civil Guaya'b - a group we have been partnering with for nearly a decade.

Feliciano’s farm was a gift from his grandmother - the inheritance was something he wanted to expand on despite his two brothers' lack of interest. So he bought their portions of the plot, and went all in. He was 45 years old then: now at 78, he continues to grow this legacy through his own land and that of his son, Ignacio Silvestre Montejo. Impressed by Feliciano’s thoughtful farming practices and quality of the crop, we furthered our relationship and partner routinely with both him and his son Ignacio.

During our most recent visit, we got to tour the land, enjoying a cup of campfire coffee together and learning more about developments to the farm since our last annual visit. We are extremely grateful to have gotten the opportunity to connect once again with Feliciano, and deepen the roots of this relationship.

We feature Feliciano’s coffees and others from Guaya’b as part of our High Tide blend and various other stand-alone, speciality microlots such as this one that we hope you enjoy.


We roast on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and to ensure the best tasting coffees, orders received after Monday may not be processed or shipped until the following week.