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ORIGINGayo Highlands, Sumatra

FARM : Ketiara Cooperative

ALTITUDE : 1200-1600 m


PROCESSING : Wet-hulled

ROAST Light-Medium

CERTIFICATION: Organic and Fair Trade

TASTING NOTES : Meyer Lemon, golden kiwi, turbinado, herbal



This coffee from the Ketiara Cooperative. Located just outside the city of Takengon in the surrounding highlands, the organization represents around 2000 members, the majority women, many of whom are survivors of regional conflict and/or earthquakes. Aside from coffee milling and processing, the cooperative offers farmers financial assistance through a credit union and uses fair trade premiums to reinvest in schools, hospitals, and farming equipment for their members. The greater region, sometimes referred to as Gayo or Gayoland (after the local ethnic majority, the Gayonese) is well known for its coffee production. ‘Adsenia’ is a fairly new naming convention for Ketiara, and denotes that the coffee comes from a group of about 500 women farmers. All lots marked Adsenia are compiled lots of organic certified coffees that also distinguished themselves by being scored highly by Ketiara’s in-house cupping team. This coffee is triple-picked, the highest sorting grade, which means that the cherries have gone through defect removals three times before processing. Classically Sumatran, the coffee is wet hulled (known locally as “Giling Basah”). Usually some form of depulping first takes place, followed by a brief drying period to reduce moisture to anywhere between 20-45%. The coffee is then delivered to the mill, where the parchment is removed while still damp, and the coffee completes its drying as the raw green seed.