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ORIGIN : Jacaltenango, Guatemala

FARMER : Ignacio Silvestre Montejo

ALTITUDE : 1725-1750m

VARIETAL : Caturra and Bourbon


ROAST : Light-Medium

TASTING NOTES : Green Grape, Cane Sugar, Marzipan, Grapefruit, Creamy, Honeysuckle

We began purchasing coffee from Asociacion Civil Guaya'b in Jacaltenango several years ago.  We were first attracted to this coffee because this Association produced some of the finest Organic, Fair Trade, and SMBC Certified Bird Friendly coffees we could find anywhere.  They are a model of sustainability in a fairly remote region. We relatively quickly began using this coffee as a base for our High Tide espresso. One of the qualities, we've always associated with this coffee, and like most about the coffee are tropical fruit notes.  The longer we used this coffee the more we appreciated it. Several years ago, our owner, Bob Garver, visited Asociacion Civil Guaya'b with the mission of deepening our relationship with the Asociacion and beginning to build relationships with specific producers of the highest quality coffee.  Before making the trip, he had requested to visit farms with particularly high altitude, good varieties, and excellent agricultural practices, with the intent of segregating microlot coffees of extremely high quality from these farms. This is a model that has been very successful for us in other places, many of which are offered seasonally at Bard.  This was a new idea for Asociacion Civil Guaya'b as they had never done anything like this before. After visiting a number of farms he decided to partner with Antonio Domingo Cota and Feliciano Silvestre Ros. We purchased both coffees that year and were extremely pleased with the quality. Impressed by their practices, he furthered his relationship with these families by purchasing from both farmer's sons. Ignacio, like his father Feliciano, produced excellent coffee that we're excited to present to you. These coffees are exceptional, traceable, microlot coffees that are certified both organic and fair trade.