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ORIGIN : Djimma Region, Ethiopia


ALTITUDE :  1880 - 2180m

VARIETY : 74-110, 74-112, 74-140, 74-165

PROCESSING: Natural Anaerobic

ROAST Light-Medium Roast

TASTING NOTES : Pomegranate, Tea Rose, Wine-Like, Lime-Zest, Watermelon



We are honored to be a finalist with this coffee for the Good Food Awards! The GERA Estate is located in the Djimma region of Ethiopia at altitudes over 2,000 meters above sea level. This altitude combined with the nitrogen-rich plants and natural fertilizers used on the estate provide excellent growing conditions for specialty coffee. No chemical fertilizers or insecticides are used; production at GERA focuses on sustainability and good working conditions for its employees. The GERA Estate provides housing, childcare and education, clean drinking water, electricity, healthcare, and recreational facilities for all of its employees free of charge.

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