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ORIGIN : Marcala, Honduras

FARMER : Lennon Diaz

FARM : Finca Liquidambar

ALTITUDE : 1285m

VARIETAL : Catuai, Lempira, Pacas, and Bourbon

PROCESSING : Washed, Honey, and Natural

ROAST : Medium

WASHED TASTING NOTES : Tangerine, Vanilla, Lemon, Milk Chocolate

HONEY TASTING NOTES : Dried Fruit, Chocolate, Light Floral, Citrus

NATURAL TASTING NOTES : Blackberry, Blueberry, Floral, Dark Chocolate


Looking for something for the coffee lover in your life? Or even yourself! We're so excited to present to you the limited Lennon Diaz Box set!

This box set includes three 6oz bags of coffee from Lennon's farm, Finca Liquidambar, each processed differently (washed, honey, and natural). This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the tastes of different processing methods side by side.

Each box includes:
One 6oz bag of Finca Liquidambar Washed Process
One 6oz bag of Finca Liquidambar Honey Process
One 6oz bag of Finca Liquidambar Natural Process
Sticker of Lennon's truck, illustrated by Amanda Pond
Lennon Diaz and Process Information card

(fairy lights not included ✨)

As a bonus, if you buy this box, take a picture and tag us! We'll send you a coupon for 15% off a full 12oz bag of your favorite Finca Liquidambar!