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ORIGIN : Oku, Cameroon

FARMER : Mocha Joe's Organic Growers

ALTITUDE : 1600-2200m

VARIETAL : Java II, Boyo

PROCESSING : Semi-washed

ROAST : Medium-Dark

TASTING NOTES : Baker's chocolate, caramel, sweet citrus, smooth, creamy body


Since 2009, our friends at Mocha Joe's have been working side by side with farmers in Cameroon to heighten the quality of their coffee. Cameroon is the only country in West Africa with the elevation and climate suitable for specialty coffee production. By 2013 they not only produced specialty-grade coffee, but also the first Certified Organic coffee to come out of Cameroon. They currently have 54 families involved in the project and it is growing by the day. We are proud to share this coffee and continue to see it's evolution year after year. To learn more about the project visit: