Roastery featured in Solar Today Magazine

Our new roasting facility in Topsham is featured in the latest Solar Today Magazine!

Coffee: A Cup of History and Culture Part Four

Garver has been in the coffee business for over two decades and he says this is the Golden Age of Coffee. The quality of the beans themselves and the experience has never been better. Read the full article here.

Coffee: A Cup of History and Culture Part Three

'One Saturday a couple weeks ago Anestes and I met up at Bard Coffee in Portland, Maine to talk to owner Bob Garver. I had been told in advance that Garver is passionate about all things coffee-related and really likes talking about coffee. “I am emotionally connected to the coffee,” Garver sa ...

17 of the nation's best small coffee makers

Cult coffee brands are popping up all over the country. From single-origin batches to the microlots by which they are artfully, even obsessively, roasted, they pride themselves on their craftsmanship and small size. (Forget Starbucks: Even Blue Bottle strikes some of these outfits as too "corporate. ...

Barista Magazine: Brittany Feltovic loves...

See how Brittany deals with all those coffee grounds.

28 Coffee Roasters We Love Slideshow

Bard Coffee has a mission to tell the stories of the incredible people who grow coffee. By carefully sourcing, roasting, and preparing its coffees, the roasting company believes that every cup is fulfilling this promise. Friendly and knowledgeable baristas in the historic Old Port neighborhood shop ...

Brittany Feltovic Manager of Bard Coffee, Explains her experience as an first time exhibitor.

Boston Magazine: The $500 Weekend

To kill time before your Paciarino seating (where you’ll order plump seafood ravioli, $16.95), get Bard Coffee’s cappuccino ($3.05), arguably the best this side of Milan.

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