By Allison Strausberg, Barista at Bard Coffee 

At a coffee shop you expect to incur some level of waste. Can you imagine if one day we stopped offering a ‘to go’ option? The zombie apocalypse, caffeine-deprivation edition.  That being said, we are constantly exploring and implementing new ways to be more environmentally friendly. For starters, if you bring your own cup to take your coffee with you, we give a fifty cent discount. Let’s say you come in 265 days out of the year. You could save 265 paper cups, and 130 dollars. Do you know how many croissants you could get with 130 dollars? If you don’t have a personal to-go cup we’ve still got Mother Nature covered; all of our to-go cups are compostable.

Beyond stocking compostable to-go cups, we’re doing as much as we can behind the counter to reduce our carbon footprint. We’re in our fifth year of business and for that past 2 years we’ve been working with our friends at Resurgam to ensure zero food waste at Bard Coffee. Resurgam allows us to compost our coffee grounds, food scraps, Greenware products, and paper products like napkins or the paper cups at our water station, so that it can be used to enrich the soil of Southern Maine.

When it comes to cleaning we’re letting Mother Nature take the wheel by using plant-based cleaning products in as many areas as possible. Over a year ago we began cleaning all non-food prep areas with a vinegar-water solution. (Those food prep areas get a health code level sanitizer.) The acidity in vinegar means it quickly gets through any built up grime and it has also been shown to kill bacteria and mold. We’ve also using Bar Keepers Friend—a powerful cleaning product with rhubarb as its base instead of bleach.

And most recently we’ve switched to a more environmentally friendly cleaner to keep the insides of our espresso machine healthy. We’re using Full Circle, a company that creates products with immense cleaning power while considering their environmental impact. All ingredients are listed and explained on the label, are found in food or derived from plants, and even the packaging is designed to reduce their carbon footprint.

We recognize that making eco-conscious choices in the way we run our shop is an essential part of fulfilling our mission: to honor and celebrate the people and places that make our coffee possible, from seed to cup.


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